As we prepare for Thanksgiving, it will be unlike any we’ve known for many of us. Our lives have become altered in a manner that forces us to seek a new norm. The challenging part is that it’s not only one or two things that have changed. How we conduct our daily lives has significantly changed, and the loss of people we love compound it further.

Being resilient, we found the strength moving forward, knowing that despite this ongoing adjustment and ever-present change, we will rise above to find normalcy as we celebrate what we have and those we lost. This Thanksgiving, I will spend that day in prayer with an appreciation for my being a part of this exchange of life while silently celebrating my dear friend and sister  Avis, whom I lost earlier this year. May your Thanksgiving be uniquely special because you’re a part of that celebration of more than having an abundance but that of having a life! Happy Thanksgiving when it comes! Marjorie Delores

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