Touched By Love

Spaces where we reach out and touch by love

By those who sit where we once sat

He speaks to us and through others

His love is the salve to our soul,

It holds us together in the face of strongholds

Those that come to steal and destroys

In the face of it all, he gives us joy,

And through his love, we are content

Knowing that we are touched by love.


Astoria Nickerson

The whole month of October, Ms. Astoria Nickerson’s poems has featured a theme that rang through them. It’s the power of self-love and agape love, which comes from God. Ms. Nickerson is a motivational speaker, guidance counselor; among the many other hats she wears, she reminds us of the importance of looking within to better see clearer around us. The hope is someone’s outlook has become more acceptable and compassionate in the larger scheme of things and inner peace becomes a steady state of being.

In November, there will be another exclusive feature; please stay tuned.

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