Only You

For him, there is no other; no other compares to you

One of a kind, a masterpiece, his masterpiece

Mercy and grace applaud at just the thought of you

A God that needs nothing loves you,

The maker of the universe is pleased by you,

Enamored by you, in Love with you

From now to the eve of eternity, He celebrates you,

Let this knowledge wash over you, changing you forever;

You are a sweet fragrance in his nostrils

Oh, you are loved,

He speaks to the parts of you that no one else can hear,

Parts untouched by distress, failings, secret parts,

Private parts that scream your humanity;

Your real charity, your capacity to love, your ability to be great,

 He speaks to the part of you that is wonderful, and you know it too,

To your renewal, restoring that part of you deserve to be replenished,

Touched by a love so complete, erasing the scars of life;

Making you complete—allowing Love to seep easily from a broken vessel,

Replaced by a restoration, which altogether forms the catchment of Love

 So, your imperfection perfected by His divine Love,

And what perceived as cracks become whole,

Opportunities anew in the sacred place of your soul,

Placed where Love shines through,

And for him, there is no other love, just you, only you!


                                                   Astoria Nickerson

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