Love Sees

Love sees the perfection in you

Sweetheart, my sugarplum, you are a special one

From your crown to your tippy toes,

 Love, knows you are perfection

No mirror is needed to show what love already known,

You are lovely, dear one, you are loved and excellent too

“Don’t you know, can’t you see?”

You are a living testimony of what love is–

Honey, oh honey, you mean so much today, and as always,

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made,” flawless…

Lips cannot describe your inexplicable, undeniable, marvelous beauty,

Indeed you are perfect, walk in it,

Grow in it, Live in it, breathe it in,

Bask in it, reach it, and touch it,

Share it, speak it, seek it, and know it,

Be it, find it, and hold it,

Love sees perfection in you!

Honey, never forget, you are loved.


Astoria Nickerson

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