Changed by Love

Do you know that I’m loved?

Loved, that is all perfected upon my conception,

Desirable upon my first given breath, yes…

I am complete by love,

His love completes me,

I am loved with  such power,

Loved by the only one who matters,

Shield by His infinite and unchangeable love,

Freedom, joy, peace, and pursuit in

The blessings from being loved,

A love that defies definition,

One who is unsearchable and complete,

And I’m loved by him, now and forever,

Which changes everything, my thoughts, my gait,

My speech and my sensibilities, Oh, I am so loved;

And nothing or no one can ever change that,

He has found me worthy, beautiful,

 perfected by him now and forever, I am loved,

Amen, I am loved!


Astoria Nickerson

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