Love Speaks

Love speaks newness of life in all it has to offer,

 To live again in the newness of love,

Where once was lost, now found, in the goodness of love…

A love that no longer is bound by indifference,

Becomes fully alive and unashamedly engaged

Within the power and presence of the Creator of love,

His name, “Love,” called you from the annals of time

A love so complete, it’s searing and sacred;

One that offers life, laughter, and comfort, assured in his promises for us

This love is endless, immeasurable, and eternal;

He will never let us go, despite life’s challenges that at times say otherwise,

Walk forward into the light of love and love’s righteousness which abounds;

And it requires nothing but your acknowledgment because it is supreme,

Let love live again in all of who are—

And in the newness of love, life’s fulfillment is realized,

Let love  Speaks!


Astoria Nickerson

The most profound power is realized in the quiet moments of time, listen to your heart. Marjorie Delores

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