What is love?

Love is a covering; it’s a pardon,

Love is a sacred space; it’s a temple of grace,

Love is a fact; it’s undeniable,

Love cannot be manipulated or molded;

It is immeasurable, Love is!

It has always been, Love shall always be,

Everything will expire but love;

Love is the question, and it is the answer,

It beckons to me in secret places,  and it ignites!

It holds me together when I’m about to fall apart,

It stills me when I long to scream;

Love chills me when I’m hot with anger,

And it soothes the wounds of life when they are about to be reopen,

Love is my physician,

 Love is my advocate, Love heals, and it saves,

Love cures life’s wrong and will last throughout time;

Love is the Creator of life and forever our Savior.


Astoria Nickerson

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