God’s Love

He loved me before I knew I was Love,

Before I knew life, before I knew Earth,

Before I knew pain, He loved me;

I can’t explain who He is, but he loves me.

I don’t fully understand such a love,

 I cannot comprehend his all-ness;

This love of God, but he loves me,

That’s more than enough reason that I’ll be ok;

His Love is something more profound than religion,

This love he has for me,

It’s something unreachable, it’s untouchable,

It’s the glue that holds the fabric of my life,

Knowing that he loves me;

It’s the calm and peace that sweeps over me.

And I am what matters for with him in all the world,

Which for that I’m truly free,

Oh, how he loves me,

God’s Love for me is everything that I have,

Giving me all that I could never give to myself,

And yet, it is the only thing I can truly achieve,

It is to have his unchanging Love through all of life’s seasons.

This Love of God for me.


Astoria Nickerson

For the rest of this month Astoria’s poems will be feature here. She is one of best undiscovered poets, and her work is truly awe-inspiring.

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