Decisions or Indecisions

In recent years, I’ve had issues with my knees, which have worsened to the point of immobility. I should have addressed the problem with my knees as deemed necessary. However, I resorted to exercising. I thought exercise would take care of the problem, so I exercised, which only worsened my condition. There was too much tension on the joints. As a result, the cartilage is almost completely gone from the knees, which exacerbates my condition.

Last night, listening to Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak from Nigeria, Pastor of the Eternity Network International, he made a profound statement that made me pause to think. He said, “Every indecision is a decision.” Therefore, when one avoids a decision that act already placed in effect, the effects of that indecision. Fast forward to past years; I’ve been having concerns with my knees for many years, but I didn’t want to face what is presently confronting me, ‘knee replacement.’ Most certainly, I could have saved myself the unbearable pain that has become part of my daily life if I had taken a different approach to address it. I share this to highlight the practicality of handling all of life’s issues by making decisions that benefit wellness on this journey we are on, life! As I began preparing for surgery, I used this time to take inventory of life to see if there is anything else I’m indecisive about not doing because some pain is avoidable, starting by making the right decision.

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