I believed that goodness should override the worst instincts to the clearing out social of landmines, thus, creating a fertile ground for productive outcomes. But, unfortunately, this is an unrealistic outlook that I am reminded of daily within exchanges within the larger community.

Disappointingly, after years of seeing life through the prism of possibilities advancement with increased knowledge with the speed of technology, now we are left with a void. Emotionally, the chasm between people with different views seems to widen, and the middle ground becomes almost non-existent. For example, I noticed that people speak about having rights, especially lately, but it only applies to theirs and not to yours.  If this trend continues, humanity will be dissolved instead of evolves, and we will not become pre-historical but rather post-technological, devoid of what brought us here. This trend is concerning because, for every cause, we will have to deal with its effects!

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