As I sought deeper meaning to my being, I must first look at what is life; and Who or what is responsible for this hypnotic, complex, beautiful force that drives us.  Yes, I don’t only want to feel alive with its awareness! I want to understand life enough to honor it as a part of its whole.  This awakening has led me to where I began looking beyond the temporal things of life and to the eternal. Why? There has to be a beginning, and it is within that beginning life came forth that led you and me today to this exchange.

The oldest book in the world, ‘The Bible,’ clearly answers my questions. It brings alive centuries of us changing cosmetically. However, we remained the same people with similar approaches to aged-old issues.  What is my point? Nothing should shock us! What was in the days of old are with us today.  John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God. Through him, all things were made.” Having grasped the enormity of that truth, I have no desire to be a trendsetter or a follower. Instead, I intend to use my life to serve others by sharing lessons gained through stories and poems. If I reach only one person, that’s fine with me because change always begins with one person.  

Stay safe out there, and truth, compassion, and forgiveness be the hallmark of who we are. Peace!!

Life’s Mystique

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