I had an experience an hour ago, which I must share. Where I live, because of the uptick with the Covid virus, I hardly venture away from my home. Today was my first time out in days. As I was about to drive away from home, a still voice reminded me that I hadn’t prayed in the car,  which I usually do before exiting the garage.  I prayed, and less than five minutes later,  I almost got slammed into by an impatient driver. On approaching the light at my turn into a busy intersection, the light went from amber to red. The driver coming from behind thought I would go flying through the busy intersection to beat the red light. But I stopped as I should. He accelerated in anticipation of what he assumed I would have done and came barreling down on me.

I was grateful the right lane was empty, which allowed him to swerve. I am grateful to God for the way things turned out. It would have been something to get killed a day after publishing the book that took me years to write.  It is on occasions like today that reinforced my faith and strengthens my walk with God. Please, be careful out there; it seems some people have stopped living and are simply existing. Therefore, they have no regard for the lives of others.  The sad thing is the mindset of such a person that is their biggest problem. If only they could stop to see outside themselves, they would have a different perspective on life. Life is beautiful despite its many challenges!

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