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May God be glorified through this book, may all who read it be edified, and may the enemy be horrified by his exposure.   Joyce Appiah

This book is one of my most difficult undertakings, but God mandated that this story be told. There were many sleepless and tearful days and nights getting here but thank God for his given strength. Rebekah’s story is a human story that transcends ethnicity or gender. Initially, I wanted to dedicate the book to some women whose lives leap off the pages by having had a front-row seat to their lives, but in content, it would limit the scope and lives encapsulated in the story. I did not want to place limits on the path God led me on. My prayers are as uncomfortable as some of the subject matter is; they’ll initiate awareness of each other, and most of all, it will show the mercies and goodness of God. My ultimate objective is God be glorified.

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