“The Coming of Grace” available September 1st, 2021 on Amazon.


Excerpt: On seeing her, Mrs. Smith exclaimed, “Rebekah! The detectives were just here. They left a few minutes ago; I’m surprised they did not see you on your way here.”

Rebekah looked as if she was hallucinating. If she had not run away, they really would have caught her. She responded almost in a daze. “We came through the side streets through the alleyway!”

 “Rebekah, they searched the entire building. They even searched the empty apartment next door and your car. They took the license plate number of your car. They are determined to arrest you today. I do not know what you have done to warrant this, but whatever it is, God will work it out for you. You just do the right thing by turning yourself in today! There were at least six of them, and they came in with guns drawn. You know what they are like when handing out their brand of justice for us. They will not think twice about using their guns on you. Turn yourself in as soon as possible! Here is the address with the name of the arresting officer you should ask for.”

“There are moments in life that changes everything, and The Coming of Grace is a story that captures this truth.”

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