Marjorie Delores’ Latest Novel, ‘The Coming of Grace,’ is Slated to Release on September 1st

(August 23rd, 2021) – “The Coming of Grace Part I” by author Marjorie Delores will be out on September 1st and available on This book is about an immigrant woman called Rebekah Masters and her moving experiences to her new home, America.

Marjorie Delores is an exceptional storyteller who has authored books like ‘The Winter Years of Life’ and ‘Through the Corridors of Time II. In her latest, she paints vivid imagery of Rebekah Masters’ journey to America and how she adapts to the American way of life. The narrative is filled with suspense, drama, humor, and moments of inspiration that are bound to capture the reader’s interest till the last page. This is a story of a woman fighting with grit and determination and emerging as the winner. The Coming of Grace is a tribute to women who have struggled in life and may have become silent, and the book also celebrates the women who reached their desired goal in life.

“There are moments in life that changes everything, and The Coming of Grace is a story that captures this truth,” said the author about her latest release.

The Coming of Grace narrates human resilience and touches upon the special bond that everyone has with God. That connection with God is integral to Rebekah’s story and how it guides her in difficult situations.  Her faith in God and her confidence helped her come out as a winner and fulfill her purpose in life.

“The Coming of Grace Part 1” will be releasing on September 1st and available on This book promises to be a treat for the readers and must not be missed.


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Media Contact:

Marjorie Delores
Florida, USA

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