Soul Expression

Thank you for being a part of Soul Expression. Your input is greatly appreciated, and as a community, may our exchange adds to our walk, and a deeper understanding serves as our enlightenment. You are Awesome! Thanks for visiting!

In the coming weeks, “The Coming of Grace” part one of a two parts series will be highlighted through excerpts within this medium. I’ve worked on this series for several years, to pay it forward to the countless of lives that intersect mine and are responsible for who I’ve become today. The message behind my body of work pushes me into a place to look beyond myself to many of who I admire and love. Their resilience and tenacity, all trademarks of which I’ve gathered strength and encouragement, paves the way to becoming their voice.

My objective is to use this story and others to capture the multi-layers of the human conditions, which crosses race, background, belief system, and socioeconomic conditions. To highlighted lives, some fractured, some lost, while others are imprisoned where they are their own wardens. They are captives, immobilized through fears from their yesterdays.  There are no set rules or answers to offset or remedy social or psychological disorders imposed or inflicted; however, through open and honest engagement, the first–step initiated will become pebbles in the ocean of our human conditions to meaningful change.

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