The Coming of Grace


Marjorie Delores

It’s within His grace was where she finds love

Coming soon to Amazon

Part One of a Two parts series, available on Amazon August 15th, 2021

 “The Coming of Grace” chronicles an immigrant woman’s life experiences before and after transitioning to her new homeland, America. The protagonist, Rebekah Masters odyssey, is layered with suspense, drama, humor, with moments of inspiration. Rebekah’s story pays homage to women, some of whom have become silent or, tragically, they are no longer here.  Rebekah captures the essence of their struggles while celebrating those who arrived at their desired station in life. Rebekah’s life goes beyond giving a bird’ eye view of such a life. It encapsulates and reverberates the dynamics of the human condition in the nucleus of its resiliency to thrive when it all seemed impossible. Rebekah’s story, of which some are factual events, showcases the goodness of God, a centerpiece throughout Rebekah’s life, and how pivotal it is never to lose faith even when situations seem insurmountable. With her confidence and unwavering stance, knowing God would see her through, she came out on top into the fullness of her purpose.

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