Food for Thought

At times during interactions with others, at best, can be challenging. The pervasive ignorance mingled with intolerance breeds the worst of experiences.  However, life’s unpredictability, an equalizer, and non-selectiveness placed all in the crosshairs of circumstances to which no one is immune is a reality check. Even if someone is insulated through privileged with many resources, life holds the key to our existence. No one is invincible or has exclusive access to life’s unknown. This is something to think about. No matter how different we are by nature’s selection, the basic desires we strive for are the same, being heard, acknowledged, and love. And only time and chance have the answer to this, which we will never know. So, while we anticipate a response, let us acknowledge the importance of who we are to each other by accepting each other. Marjorie Delores

Author: marjoriedelores07

Poet/Author Soul Expression mirrors life's inner core, reflected in the best we offer to each other.

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