The Coming of Grace

The Coming of Grace chronicles the life of Rebekah Masters from childhood into adulthood. Her transitional journey from her Island, migrating to America towards her purpose in the confines of her struggles. As she hopes, the change occurred, and opportunity breathes anew, as expectation ushers in God’s grace, and it’s within His grace was where she finds love.

Below are excerpts from The Coming of Grace, a heartfelt, captivating, inspirational novel written by Marjorie Delores. Stay tuned for the pre-order release date.  The Coming of Grace is a celebration of possibilities within the grace of God. Scheduled for release early September on Amazon.

Winifred was away at the market, food shopping for the week’s provision, and Rebekah, an eleven-year-old, home alone, was responsible for doing her chores and cleaning their house. She went on with her work while daydreaming about her future. This became her routine since she was eight years old of cleaning the floors on her knees. Having placed the floor wax on the wooden floor, Rebekah knelt with the coconut brush in one palm. At the same time, simultaneously, the other hand balanced her during the buffing motion as she was listening to music blasting in the background. She shook her bottom to the music while buffing the floor on her knees in harmony with its captivating sounds, which ingrained in her soul, and she loved it.

Without any warning, she felt someone grab her from behind, and before she could let out a scream, she was pinned to the floor by what felt like an elephant. A hand went over her mouth, muffling her cries. The force that impacted her filled her lungs, to where she felt as if it is about to explode. He had almost knocked her unconscious, and mercilessly he ripped away from her innocence, leaving her in a pool of blood. She lay on the floor like a discarded ragdoll, whimpering in pain; she rolled over to see the monster cleaning himself off. Glaring down at her, he angrily instructed her, “Clean up this mess, and if you ever say anything to anyone, I will come back for you and Winifred…!” The trauma of that moment would become the onset of abuse that she had to endure. At the time, she could not fathom that this painful memory would grow to become the hallmark of her life.

On returning home, Winifred did not notice anything was wrong even though Rebekah could hardly walk and had been crying all day. Rebekah’s long and unpleasant history with her mother prevented her from telling her. Although she had wished otherwise, she felt Winifred would not believe her and instead saw it as her fault. However, one of the neighbors later noticed something was wrong with how she walked.

“Rebekah, come here!” Ms. Lucille called out to her.

“Yes, ma’am!” she answered.

Ms. Lucille inquired, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you walking like that?” The older woman’s authoritative tone made her uneasy, but unsure what to do, she avoided her gaze.

Filled with embarrassment, Rebekah stood in front of the older woman with her head down, looking at her feet, afraid of answering. But she then remembered what the man had said, and she contemplated what if she tells her the truth? What then?

“Rebekah, I am going to ask you once more. I expect an answer, and I want the truth. I know something terrible happened to you and I want to help…! Now, did someone molest you?”

At that moment, Rebekah rushed towards the older woman throwing her arms around her waist, nestling her head against her chest, crying uncontrollably. In response, the woman wrapped her arms around her, offering comfort. “I am so sorry, my child. Who did this to you?!”

Rebekah was inaudible; it was as if she was choking on her words. Her thoughts were like a chaos of all she had borne to that point.


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