Your Silence

The thunderous sound of your silence,

Your silence echoes through the chambers of my heart like bells being toll

Not a sound, not a whisper, just the loud thunderous sound of your silence tugging at my heart

Such silence pulls at the very foundation of what causes me to be at the center my best,

Such silence snuffs out those wistful promises first formed in that place of longing

Where dreams were made in the birthplace of our desires mingled with hope;

A conception came forth upon the wings of a past we had tenderly shared

However, with which we could on longer cope,

A heart pierced too long by Cupid’s bow, now silently awaits,

As a prisoner of hope of a dream which no longer will be,

With time will be forgotten, within the confines of the thunder of your silence.           

 Marjorie Delores

Taken from The Winter Years of Life, audiobook now available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon.

Sometimes its within our silence that we speak the loudest!. Marjorie Delores

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