Soul to Soul

Soul Expression is exactly as it says, releasing energy in the cosmos with a sense of inclusiveness which is vital for our success. With this in mind, the voices heard here cross the spectrum of life reflective of our differences; however, our share similarities outshines those differences. Marjorie Delores.

An excerpt from an inspirational romance novel written by Simone Lyttle scheduled to be released in September on Amazon. Stay tuned for the pre-order release date.  Would you like to see additional excerpts released on this blog from Persistent Love? Please, tell us what you think.

Composing myself, I dried my tears-stained face after grabbing the handkerchief from my pocketbook, which lay open on the passenger seat. “You are stronger than this; dust yourself off and just live, live, I indignantly shouted in frustration and pain. Then without warning, the intensity of the moon illuminated on the passenger seat, willing me to avert my gaze to its source, which happened to be exceptionally bright tonight. Looking at the sky through my windshield window, it exploded with the stars, shining as if a meteor shower had just burst into the fullness of its infinite span. The beauty of the moment left me spellbound, and fleetingly, I forgot my anguish. As the pressure from the contact of my fingers on the handkerchief touched my face, it made me shudder in pain. Inadvertently my mind becomes flooded with the memories of last night. Once again, my mind becomes embattled in a war that has been slowly growing in fervency within me, unleashing an indescribable feeling of anguish and pain.

The memory of the intensity of the fight I had with Stanley and its near fatality left me shaken. During our marriage, the arguments between us have been rapidly intensifying in their frequency and continue to detonate into frequent physical altercations, which leave me perpetually fighting for my very existence. An uneasy feeling of discontentment has been consistently plaguing me since; it resonates with a sense that just continues to pull at the heartstrings of my soul, standing resolve in its determination to adjust my world.

                The festering scars of my emotional wounds now seem to have become uncovered, resurfacing with an indescribable pain from its sudden exposure. My attempts to erase the memories now seemed futile, as their uncovering incited a torrent of tears, which gushed forth, erupting like a dam, forcing me to pull over to the embankment of the road. My mind now becomes engulfed with the painful images of my last fight with Stanley.

“Stanley, I am tired. I would like for us to spend time alone tonight, just the two of us. We hardly ever see each other anymore. Our marriage has become entangled with meetings, deadlines, and dinner engagements. We have been scheduling our time around them, and I refuse to do it anymore!” I expressed quite passionately in my attempt to salvage the sinking ship of our marriage.

“Can you recall the last time you held me and told me you love me because I can’t, Stanley? It feels like we are strangers. I am just exhausted from the constant fights and arguments! We hardly speak anymore, except when we are out! I want this marriage to work, but do you, or do you even care anymore?”

Sitting at the foot of the bed with my arms decisively folded, I stared pointedly at Stanley while standing, resolved in my decision not to attend the Folinger’s dinner party tonight as Stanley had requested. Without missing a beat, Stanley just continuing to loosen his silk tie from around his neck as he stood facing the mirror. Stanley and I hardly speak anymore, and he was becoming more violent in his assaults toward me. The frequent exchanges of his silent but almost lethal stares were all we shared anymore. Continues…

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