What Do We Do?!

By Marjorie Delores

The Black Urbanites Unskpoken Music

by Simone Lyttle

Photo by Teddy Tavan on Pexels.com

I see the unspoken rhythm in each black urbanite steps,

The way he bops with a beat with each stride…

Maybe his music resides inside his complex soul,

Wanting, needing to be told, and yet I hear his music.

Music that brings about this rhythmic motion-this

swaggering movement, I hear the resonance of his music,

Because it emanates the emotion that comes from

being a black urbanite,

I hear his cries of frustration, pain, anger, rejection, hope, and despair,

His moans vibrate and tremble with velocity and power as he seeks

solace from his feelings of disempowerment,

The dislocated, the unemployed, the overlooked,

the achievers, the tricksters, the dreamers, the rainbow makers,

These epitomize the images of the black urbanites

Images that reverberate in the black urbanites’ unspoken music.


What Do We Do?!

The first time I read this poem by Ms. Simone Lyttle, it spoke to me. I saw my neighbors, family, friends, and fellow citizen. Such raw emotions leap out at me and reverberate with longing, denied opportunities cultivated steeply in the past that breathes fear and suffocates opportunities for some. Each time I hear of the senseless loss of another of us, it amplifies the harsh realities of the Black experience, which appears to be overshadowed by such indifference; in the reoccurring mindless assaults, not just on its victims but on the soul of a people whose hope is simply to be accepted. As we celebrate another Black History Month, may we not only look to our past but strive for a better future that sees and takes us as its equals. May our sons not continually be annihilated for being Black men, or our daughters become devalued by ignorance which breathes cruelties from our yesterdays! So, as we approach the coming Month of February, let us be mindful of investing in ourselves constructively to benefit our loved ones and our masses. Real and lasting change is built on having a voice through essential resources and the means to implement those needs! The past provides us blueprints; however, how they are interpreted and used will stand the test of time for those who will ask us later, “What did we do to contribute to what was already established for the betterment of everyone?! This is something to think about. Your thoughts are welcome. Peace!

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