What Level of Stupidity?

Several years ago, I had an assignment as a private healthcare provider for a woman who had experienced a cerebral aneurysm. Her husband, in his eighties, was her overseer, ensured she got adequate care. One day, I shared with her husband that I had a terrible headache while attending to her care. He became shocked by the fact that I was capable of feeling pain and had a headache? Then, in his state of astonishment, he blurted out a loud, “You people get headaches? I didn’t know that you people could get headaches?” At that moment, I had to pause and exhaled before responding calmly, “Your wife had an aneurysm of the brain, but you are exhibiting all the symptoms!” Needless to say, we parted company that day. So why do I share this?  To highlight the level of stupidity that ignorance breeds. And the sad part of this story is the man’s race is one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world. Ignorance is a disease that can easily be treated, but its host must be open to change through knowledge. This is the only remedy, and it begins with having an open mind. And the tragedy of it—some of those who are ardent partakers and supporters of racism still suffers the same social-ill and They are the worst perpetrators. Go figure how twisted the mind can become. Inflicting upon another group of people what threatens your very humanity? This is food for thought! Someone, anyone, please explain? I need to understand this.

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