Ignorance Is At the Core

  • I have tried to stay away from hot-button topics such as race. However, I realize that being in denial of the proverbial elephant in the room doesn’t solve anything; at worse, it only compounds them. Each one of us is chosen at birth; we didn’t choose ourselves. Not one of us determines our race, ethnicity, social or economic standing, or religious affiliation at the onset of our lives. Those dynamics are baked into who we are with variations across time. Beyond childhood, we have the option to change all of those dynamics except our race. May I be so bold as to ask why anyone should feel they are being punished because of their race? As a woman of color with a deep sense of self and my history, it saddens me to see the level of intolerance, hatred, and contempt amongst people whose aim is the same basic virtues of life! We desire the freedom to thrive, love, worship, and be the best we can be without inflicted hindrances
  • I realize that being unengaged in this discussion also makes me an accomplice through denial and apathy. But, unfortunately, this awareness has now forced me into having this uncomfortable discussion on this very topic of race! As a parent of a child and grandmother of three, along with my extended family, friends, neighbors, fellow citizens, this is no time for any of us to remain spectators.  My loved ones and I are in the crosshairs of this beast’s hatred, which is about devouring the good that resides in us as a people.  I believe ignorance is at the core of this social ill that is dwarfing us, and the time of pretending we are invisible is long past; let us have this discussion about saving us and be honest about it! Marjorie Delores

Author: marjoriedelores07

Poet/Author Soul Expression mirrors life's inner core, reflected in the best we offer to each other.

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