The Scars of Yesterdays

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

When upon each other we inflicted such pain, much to our loss and less to our gain

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

Locked into the damage yoke of life embroiled in selfishness and rage,

Our lives become symbols of souls been caged and sometimes the casualty of many a strife

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

If only we could share in each other circumstances

Being able to look beyond the person, recognizing their purpose,

An important link to life ever-growing chain,

A part of me, and a part of you, our spirits melt, and our souls set free;

How can we erase the scars of those twisted yesterdays?

How can we, should we not?

I wrote this poem almost twenty years ago, and I hope over the years that this poem’s poignancy will become hallow with time. But, regrettably, it seems to echo with urgency the need to self-analyze with a deeper look and awareness of what we bring to the life of each other? We need each other to survive; this is more than a song; it’s a reality.  As a poet, I hope to arouse a consciousness that starts the conversation, and maybe the answer lies somewhere in that exchange. What is your take on this? Marjorie Delores

Moments in Time

Seated in my Livingroom looking outdoors at this lizard on the pole, it causes me to burst out with laughter, saying out loud, “No dancing there on that pole!”  As I observed and pondered about life in its ever-unfolding beauty and charisma, it’s moments like these that bring it more into focus. Like that lizard minding its own business, I am not even in its peripheral vision; however, I internalized its intentions, placing my twist on its actions for humor. And so often, we like that lizard is observed and misunderstood or judge incorrectly. However, like that lizard, the Creator validates its presence as He does ours. As I aimed for insight into the larger scheme of things, I came to realize how interwoven all of life is, and when we look at it keenly, there’s a reflection of how connected it is. Therefore, it’s not wise to judge the intentions of others when the predictability of our actions can only mark by time, became my conclusion.


As I sought deeper meaning to my being, I must first look at what is life; and Who or what is responsible for this hypnotic, complex, beautiful force that drives us.  Yes, I don’t only want to feel alive with its awareness! I want to understand life enough to honor it as a part of its whole.  This awakening has led me to where I began looking beyond the temporal things of life and to the eternal. Why? There has to be a beginning, and it is within that beginning life came forth that led you and me today to this exchange.

The oldest book in the world, ‘The Bible,’ clearly answers my questions. It brings alive centuries of us changing cosmetically. However, we remained the same people with similar approaches to aged-old issues.  What is my point? Nothing should shock us! What was in the days of old are with us today.  John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God. Through him, all things were made.” Having grasped the enormity of that truth, I have no desire to be a trendsetter or a follower. Instead, I intend to use my life to serve others by sharing lessons gained through stories and poems. If I reach only one person, that’s fine with me because change always begins with one person.  

Stay safe out there, and truth, compassion, and forgiveness be the hallmark of who we are. Peace!!

Life’s Mystique

The Battle of Two Images

Am I shaped by my yesterdays?

Or am I bound by my mistakes?

Should I conform to my disgrace?

Or am I Justified by His grace?

Will I stand this test or trial?

Or will my faith fail me now?

Should I call myself a failure?

Or am I the image of God’s Love?

Let Righteousness be exalted

Above the mountain and the sea

Because blinded eyes will be open as grace releases me,

Grace upon grace, glory to glory,

Each footstep I take, God will tell his story.

By Sophia Mahalia Lyttle


I had an experience an hour ago, which I must share. Where I live, because of the uptick with the Covid virus, I hardly venture away from my home. Today was my first time out in days. As I was about to drive away from home, a still voice reminded me that I hadn’t prayed in the car,  which I usually do before exiting the garage.  I prayed, and less than five minutes later,  I almost got slammed into by an impatient driver. On approaching the light at my turn into a busy intersection, the light went from amber to red. The driver coming from behind thought I would go flying through the busy intersection to beat the red light. But I stopped as I should. He accelerated in anticipation of what he assumed I would have done and came barreling down on me.

I was grateful the right lane was empty, which allowed him to swerve. I am grateful to God for the way things turned out. It would have been something to get killed a day after publishing the book that took me years to write.  It is on occasions like today that reinforced my faith and strengthens my walk with God. Please, be careful out there; it seems some people have stopped living and are simply existing. Therefore, they have no regard for the lives of others.  The sad thing is the mindset of such a person that is their biggest problem. If only they could stop to see outside themselves, they would have a different perspective on life. Life is beautiful despite its many challenges!

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May God be glorified through this book, may all who read it be edified, and may the enemy be horrified by his exposure.   Joyce Appiah

This book is one of my most difficult undertakings, but God mandated that this story be told. There were many sleepless and tearful days and nights getting here but thank God for his given strength. Rebekah’s story is a human story that transcends ethnicity or gender. Initially, I wanted to dedicate the book to some women whose lives leap off the pages by having had a front-row seat to their lives, but in content, it would limit the scope and lives encapsulated in the story. I did not want to place limits on the path God led me on. My prayers are as uncomfortable as some of the subject matter is; they’ll initiate awareness of each other, and most of all, it will show the mercies and goodness of God. My ultimate objective is God be glorified.

“The Coming of Grace” available September 1st, 2021 on Amazon.


Excerpt: On seeing her, Mrs. Smith exclaimed, “Rebekah! The detectives were just here. They left a few minutes ago; I’m surprised they did not see you on your way here.”

Rebekah looked as if she was hallucinating. If she had not run away, they really would have caught her. She responded almost in a daze. “We came through the side streets through the alleyway!”

 “Rebekah, they searched the entire building. They even searched the empty apartment next door and your car. They took the license plate number of your car. They are determined to arrest you today. I do not know what you have done to warrant this, but whatever it is, God will work it out for you. You just do the right thing by turning yourself in today! There were at least six of them, and they came in with guns drawn. You know what they are like when handing out their brand of justice for us. They will not think twice about using their guns on you. Turn yourself in as soon as possible! Here is the address with the name of the arresting officer you should ask for.”

“There are moments in life that changes everything, and The Coming of Grace is a story that captures this truth.”

Marjorie Delores’ Latest Novel, ‘The Coming of Grace,’ is Slated to Release on September 1st

(August 23rd, 2021) – “The Coming of Grace Part I” by author Marjorie Delores will be out on September 1st and available on This book is about an immigrant woman called Rebekah Masters and her moving experiences to her new home, America.

Marjorie Delores is an exceptional storyteller who has authored books like ‘The Winter Years of Life’ and ‘Through the Corridors of Time II. In her latest, she paints vivid imagery of Rebekah Masters’ journey to America and how she adapts to the American way of life. The narrative is filled with suspense, drama, humor, and moments of inspiration that are bound to capture the reader’s interest till the last page. This is a story of a woman fighting with grit and determination and emerging as the winner. The Coming of Grace is a tribute to women who have struggled in life and may have become silent, and the book also celebrates the women who reached their desired goal in life.

“There are moments in life that changes everything, and The Coming of Grace is a story that captures this truth,” said the author about her latest release.

The Coming of Grace narrates human resilience and touches upon the special bond that everyone has with God. That connection with God is integral to Rebekah’s story and how it guides her in difficult situations.  Her faith in God and her confidence helped her come out as a winner and fulfill her purpose in life.

“The Coming of Grace Part 1” will be releasing on September 1st and available on This book promises to be a treat for the readers and must not be missed.


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Soul Expression

Thank you for being a part of Soul Expression. Your input is greatly appreciated, and as a community, may our exchange adds to our walk, and a deeper understanding serves as our enlightenment. You are Awesome! Thanks for visiting!

In the coming weeks, “The Coming of Grace” part one of a two parts series will be highlighted through excerpts within this medium. I’ve worked on this series for several years, to pay it forward to the countless of lives that intersect mine and are responsible for who I’ve become today. The message behind my body of work pushes me into a place to look beyond myself to many of who I admire and love. Their resilience and tenacity, all trademarks of which I’ve gathered strength and encouragement, paves the way to becoming their voice.

My objective is to use this story and others to capture the multi-layers of the human conditions, which crosses race, background, belief system, and socioeconomic conditions. To highlighted lives, some fractured, some lost, while others are imprisoned where they are their own wardens. They are captives, immobilized through fears from their yesterdays.  There are no set rules or answers to offset or remedy social or psychological disorders imposed or inflicted; however, through open and honest engagement, the first–step initiated will become pebbles in the ocean of our human conditions to meaningful change.